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Jul 17th 2018 7:37AM
After hearing good things about Army Paintball (Swift Current) we decided to assess the Lil Sur Mur field
for ourselves.

Pulling up to the field it did not look very big, but looks can be deceiving. The field is actually very large and we were pleasantly surprised at the all the hidden treasures and the sequestered nooks that we were constantly finding.

The field pays homage to the owners (Andy) military service and family history from WWII. The love and care that has been put forth is evident. Trenches of varying depths run both sides of the field. This gives players great coverage and the advantage of appearing out of nowhere. There are many adult sized buildings and some that are mutli level. They are well built and sturdy and will stand up to the test of time.

The owner (Andy) is an amazing man. His dedication and experience was evident with way he interacted with the players. He truly wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and was very open to feedback. While he is more comfortable with paintball he did join in our airsoft endeavours and seemed to be enjoying himself and was just as comfortable.

This field is a definite must play. The local players are friendly and welcoming, the field fee is reasonable and it's in a beautiful area of the province. We will definitely be back.

May 24th 2018 7:04PM
The weather is beautiful for Airsoft and OLS is getting closer. You do not want to miss the Airsoft event of the year for Saskatchewan. Register now and beat the last minute rush.
Also, head on over, if you haven't already to Saskairsoft.ca and cast your vote in the poll on the main page. It's important people!
As ever, if there is an event going on that you'd like me to capture for you, or think your fellow humans may enjoy, drop me a line via the contact page or talk to me at a game. Don't be shy!

May 8th 2018 6:47PM
Ok, I'm a little late with my season opening post. Be that as it may; The weather has been fantastic and some great games have been had...the ones I've made as well as what I'm hearing about games I'm not able to attend.
As always, if I'm at a game, come say Hi. I look forward to seeing those familiar faces as well as meet new people.

Reminder..it is tick season (sadly even in Saskatoon already) so cover up and do everything you can to protect yourself. Check yourself thoroughly and keep an eye on your buddy!

OLS3 isn't far away...July 21st and 22nd, 2018. You can find info on saskairsoft.ca, facebook or heck, if you're out at a game just ask. It sounds like this year will be awesome..you definately don't want to miss out!

Dec 24th 2017 9:30PM
Frag Out Photography would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your fantastic support in 2017 and I look forward to 2018 and capturing your memories and those moments!

Oct 31st 2017 12:02AM
Happy Hallowe'en everybody! We had a great halloween game, some great costumes and of course candy! Season is winding down (look for games weather permitting). Be safe and have fun!

Jul 24th 2017 10:30PM
July 23, 2017 saw Operation: Loyal Serpent 2 in Saskatoon, SK at Merrill Dunes. Frag Out was in attendance lending a hand as always and catching those memories! There was a good turnout (last I heard approx 144 in attendance) but the heat and humidity took its toll on a lot of players as the day went on. The Black Devils announced at the end that they are 99% sure there will be a OLS 3 so stay tuned!

May 8th 2017 10:49PM
Hey everyone! Lots of feedback on things and it's being taken to heart. Various requests for downloading and larger size pictures being available for mobile are done but eventually a few things will be rewritten to make the site much more accessible across all devices and platforms. If you have ideas, drop me a line or catch me at a game for a chat!

Also please consider donating via PayPal or subscribing to my Patreon page. Every little bit helps to improve the site and ensure I can make it out to games!

A huge thank you to the amazing Kyle Heuchert who is a massive reason Frag Out has been able to be out and captured the moments you see on the site and to all those who gave personally and via the GoFundMe for the equipment upgrade!

Also a huge thank you to Jess Tipton for all his work on the Frag Out website and all the other things that he's done behind the scenes since Frag Out started.

Apr 12th 2017 8:12PM
New website launched!!

Apr 2nd 2017 10:49AM
New site in progress because uploading to facebook makes the pictures look shit. Not to mention the EULA and rights surrounding my work...FUCK YOU ZUCKERBERG!

Mar 6th 2017 9:33AM
New Camera YAY and such! Learning curve ahoy!