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In 2015 after a discussion with a good friend of mine about hobbies or lack thereof, I went with him on a whim to a local Airsoft field with my trusty old camera. I didn't know much about Airsoft, how I'd be received, or even if I could take decent photos, but hey...why not.

After a timid start (and players quipping "what, is the paparazzi going to follow us around?") I have found something I truly enjoy and continually surprise myself with some of the shots I catch...again with my trusty old camera. Since October 3, 2015, I have taken photos at approx 50 games all over Saskatchewan as well as a 3 day event in BC.

Airsoft photography has become my passion and joy. It is a conduit for exercise and meeting wonderful new people and making friends. It is also a proving ground for my journey into action photography as Airsoft is ever moving and dynamic.

Please consider supporting me via PayPal or Patreon so I can continue to capture keepsakes and memories for the Airsoft community.

Remember in real life there are no screenshots or leader boards unless Frag Out is there!